Take 1-hr to improve future mental health outcomes

Basics is a 1-hr virtual program that increases mental health literacy, reduces high risk behavior, & improves wellness

For youth and adults (students, parents, staff, etc.)

What you learn

In just one hour, learners get the foundational knowledge and skills they need to recognize, manage, and prevent mental illness.

The program includes MHL (mental health literacy) assessments which helps organizations like K-12 schools understand the knowledge gaps in their communities and how to direct future programming. After implementing the Basics program, organizations can adopt Foundations (mental health curriculum) to address the knowledge gaps discovered through the assessments.

“Health literacy is a stronger predictor of health status than age, income, employment status, education level, race, or ethnic group.”

American Medical Association

Research shows that mental health literacy promotes early action and better life outcomes

Mental health problems are prevalent and consequential, yet widely misunderstood and unaddressed.

• 44% teens struggles with their mental health
• 75% of lifetime mental illness begins in adolescence
• 50% of those struggling never seek help

Decades of research show that mental health literacy (knowledge about the recognition, management, and prevention of mental health conditions) is proven to drive early action and therefore positive youth outcomes like increased graduation rates, decreased incarceration, decreased substance use, and more.
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