Our story

From humble origins to nationwide impact



and for kids everywhere

Chase Bjork was a compassionate and loving 18-year-old boy who enjoyed baking pies for neighbors, exploring the outdoors with his dog, and adventuring with his brothers.

In January 2020, Chase took his own life.

Like so many others, Chase lived with a mental illness that went unidentified and untreated for too long.

Chase's journey & core values – being an open heart, helping others, and giving back – inspired Bryce Bjork and Ting Gao to create Lenny Learning.

Mental health challenges are prevalent & consequential yet widely unaddressed

teens struggle
with mental health
of mental illness
starts in adolescence
of those struggling
never seek help
Source: CDC

Kids and families are struggling without the adequate knowledge, skills, and support

Early mental health education helps adolescents achieve better outcomes

Studies show that mental
health literacy leads to

Heightened awareness
Increased help-seeking
Better outcomes

Let’s address this crisis by giving students & families knowledge & skills

For schools
& communities
early action
Lenny Learning provides online education for students, parents, and school communities to address mental/brain health. We are reclassifying ”mental health” as ”brain health” to emphasize that these conditions are physical and treatable.

Join our mission to change the way we address mental health

Every school needs and deserves health education. Lenny Learning is on a mission to create the most engaging & effective health education platform, and bring it to every adolescent, family, and community across the country.

Lenny Learning is a 501c3 non-profit because we believe health literacy should be universal. Because of this choice, your support is critical – individual donations, grants, and sponsorships make health education in schools possible. If you believe in our mission to give students & families health knowledge & skills, please offer your support.