Lenny helps schools improve behavioral health

The most powerful way for K-12 schools and organizations to deliver comprehensive health education emphasizing mental health and student wellbeing
  • Create custom lesson plans with AI
  • Access clinically validated content library
  • Train staff with key support skills
  • Analyze assessment data for targeted interventions
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Trusted by school districts and nonprofits nationwide

Unlimited lesson plans that comprehensively cover health education & life skills

Create highly effective, medically accurate, age-appropriate health & life skills lesson plans that resonate with every student and classroom with Lenny
Meets all 50 U.S state health education requirements & frameworks
Clinically-validated, age-appropriate content library for Pre-K to 12th grade
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Insightful assessments for informed intervention

Evaluate health literacy needs across your school, identify specific needs and strengths, and create targeted interventions. Our intelligent analytics pave the way for a data-driven approach to wellness education.
Student-driven assessments, only 5 mins long
Proactively address mental health
Continuous monitoring & support
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Essential trainings to keep everyone safe and healthy

Our two trainings, Basics and SPOT, empower educators and students with essential skills in mental health and suicide prevention
Practice-based simulation powered by AI
Interactive & short
Evidence-based and built with clinicians
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Mental health literacy (MHL) develops psychological resilience and improves mental health outcomes

All programs are reviewed by clinicians and designed to increase MHL


Evidence-backed results

Research shows that mental health literacy promotes early action and better life outcomes.
Our programs helps organizations increase mental health literacy effectively and easily

Easily measure and improve mental health literacy

Our MHL assessments measure existing knowledge, stigma, and current behaviors. Organizations get access to a dashboard to view MHL scores and areas of focus for their communities

Unlimited, impactful, & engaging lesson plans for teaching health & life skills

Meet Lenny, our advanced AI, expertly trained on clinically-validated content. Lenny equips educators with a dynamic tool to craft highly effective, age-appropriate tailor-made health & life skills lesson plans that resonate with every student.

Engaging content that resonates with learners and instructors

Our library covers key concepts with short-form videos and visuals, exploring topics like stress management, substance use, healthy relationships, nutrition, physical activity, personal safety, mindfulness, and more.

Loved by 10,000+ youth, educators,
clinicians, and caregivers

Built by designers, verified by doctors, loved by instructors, and made for learners of all ages

BHB was really helpful. I wish I had taken the SPOT program sooner. It would have really helped me last year with supporting my students and my family.

Lisa Moran

Instructor @ After School Matters

I took the Brain Health Bootcamp and just want to say I thought it was EXCELLENT!!!! Thank you for providing such a useful tool! I introduced it to a few of my classes and had one student come up to me after class and gush about how grateful they are to see such an accurate portrayal of mental health challenges.

Nancy Slocum

Teacher at Concord Carlisle High School

My students felt that the Bootcamp was very informative and beneficial. I believe BHB is a good way to get young people to think introspectively without feeling, or having the fear of being stigmatized about discussing what they are feeling during this tumultuous time. [After taking the program] A few of our students have even felt comfortable enough to seek assistance from outside sources, just to talk.

Dr. Renee Mapp

Program Coordinator, Senior Education Specialist, Counselor

I feel much more comfortable having conversations about this with my friends now that I am more informed and think I have become a more understanding person because of this program.


High School Student

I've taken other suicide prevention courses in the past. I thought with SPOT, though, it just really simplified the process and gave me the most important takeaways. I thought the AI part was really cool and fun and I really liked the process of practicing with the 6 questions.

Kristen Thibeault

Counselor @ Medfield High School

Mental health is everything. We can't succeed as students without having good health. I'm so glad this program exists and I will continue advocating for it because mental health literacy is so important and this provides us with chance to de-stigmatize mental health and actually get help.


High School Student
Health literacy is a stronger predictor of health status than age, income, employment status, education level, race, or ethnic group.
Early treatment is effective and can help young people stay in school and on track to achieving their life goals.

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