Restorative Justice &
Rethinking Discipline Grant

RJRD Grant offers substantial financial assistance to eligible schools for adopting restorative practices and promoting youth well-being with our platform. All K-12 educational institutions and select non-profits eligible to apply today. Deadline for the  2024 cycle is June 1, 2024.

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About the Restorative Justice & Rethinking Discipline Grant


  • K-12 organization (public, charter, or private school) seeking to promote restorative practices and improve student well-being
  • Community-based organizations (must have non-profit status)
  • All organizations must be committed to implementing a 1-year pilot with our organization

In today's educational landscape, the shift towards restorative justice represents a pivotal movement away from punitive discipline methods towards practices that foster empathy, repair harm, and build a community of support. Research consistently shows that schools embracing restorative justice report significant reductions in suspensions, improved school climate, and higher academic achievements. For instance, a study published in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence found that schools implementing restorative practices saw a 20% decrease in incidents of misconduct and a marked improvement in student-teacher relationships.

However, transitioning to a restorative justice model presents its unique challenges, including the need for extensive staff training, the development of new policies, and the integration of these practices into the existing educational framework.

Recognizing these hurdles, Lenny Learning is proud to introduce the Rethinking Discipline & Restorative Justice Grant (RDRJ). This initiative is specifically designed to support schools committed to revitalizing their approach to discipline through the power of AI-driven interventions. Our platform, Lenny Learning, offers an innovative solution that enables teachers and counselors to create on-demand, clinically-informed, custom education and interventions tailored to support student well-being. By applying for the RDRJ grant, schools can access our transformative technology at a fraction of the cost, with the grant covering the majority of expenses. This opportunity not only mitigates the financial and logistical barriers to adopting restorative practices but also paves the way for a more inclusive, empathetic, and effective educational environment.

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