Transformative Tools Workshop: Behavioral Health & Durable Skills

Our hands-on, virtual workshops equip educators with practical tools and strategies that address behavioral health, teach durable skills, and save time

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About our workshops

Our workshop, "Transformative Tools: Improving Behavioral Health in the Classroom," is specifically designed to empower teachers and counselors with the skills and tools necessary to address the mental and emotional well-being of students effectively. Over the course of one hour, participants will engage in a dynamic, virtual session focused on integrating practical, evidence-based strategies into their daily teaching practices – and all participants receive resources that can be used during school hours.

Cost: Available at no-cost to K-12 district through fall 2024 on a rolling basis - all workshops are covered by grantfunding.

How it works

  • Initial Survey: Fill out this brief survey to help us tailor the workshop to your district's specific needs
  • Planning Session: Meet with our team to discuss workshop logistics, share the opportunity with your staff, and finalize the date.
  • Engage & Learn: Participate in the workshop & gain valuable insights and tools to bring back to your classroom.


  • Workshops can be scheduled during a time that's most convenient for your district or school
  • Please schedule your workshop at least 2 weeks in advance of the actual session

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